English Lessons Online with Skype

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American English Tutors Now Available Via Skype Video 

We have native speakers of English who are certified ESL teachers and give lessons to second language learners.  We can teach you about all things English:  colloquial, business, academic, accent reduction, learning the standard American accent, grammar rules, etc.

How Much Does It Cost for English lessons?

Introductory rates for new students are available but prices are largely based on how many times per week each student studies. 

How does Skype work?

Skype is free and very easy to use.  If you have a laptop (notebook) computer, then you probably already have a camera and microphone installed. If not, a very low-cost camera and microphone can be purchased for your portable or desktop computer.  Skype also works on many types of mobile phones, as well as iPads.  You can download Skype here.

For Business professionals or students

Don't let the fact that your English is less than perfect hold you back.  English is now a world language, and the fact is that people need to communicate in English for a number of reasons.  Whether you are a business professional that works in a corporate environment, or you are a student, our English lessons can and will help you learn to read, write and speak English better.

NOTE: A free Skype consultation is available


  • English is the official language of 54 countries
  • It is spoken as a native language by 330 million people
  • A total of 1.4 billion speak the language worldwide